Nickname: Crystal

Age: 40

Height: 5 ft 9 inches

Weight: 10 st 1 lb

My daughter made this account for me, I'll probably share some photos of me and maybe a few of her when she turns 18, but probably not much else.

Join Date: September 2015

Followers: 10



I heard her daughter is hotter than she is, can't wait until she becomes a stripper.


Forced this bitch on my cock while she was giving a lap dance, filled her right up.


This MILF gives good head.


Hey, aren't you that bitch from the local strip club?


Status Update - 6th May 2021

As promised, here's me and my daughter now that she's turned 18, isn't she cute?

Status Update - 5th June 2020

Business has been lower at the strip club recently, so if you wanna see some of this, come on down!

Status Update - 8th May 2018

I wish people used protection when paying me to fuck, look how filled up I got tonight.

Status Update - 4th August 2016

When my daughter turns 18, I'll show you how cute she is, but for now it's just me.

Status Update - 12th September 2015

How do I use this site? I'm not very good with technology stuff. My daughter said I could make friends on here.