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Literature - Published: 17th August 2018

Confessions - Chapter 1

This is a list of confessions that I'll try and keep up to date so you can learn more about what I'm into and what I like.

Confession #1

I go outside without wearing anything except a long hoodie to cover my bits. If I need to bend over, I let people in public to see my noodle. This also allows me to pee while I'm walking!!! x3

Confession #2

I rub my taint on bus seats so the next person who sits there, sits in my discharge/wetness (maybe pee if I'm feeling extra naughty)! ;)

Confession #3

The thought of being caught doing something naughty makes me super wet just thinking about it! OwO

Confession #4

I think my boss likes me considering he doesn't care if I walk into work completely naked. He's kinda cute too!!! :D

Last updated: 7th September 2020

Posted by s3cr3tlyR3AD1N_

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Status Update - 6th April 2022

It's my 18th birthday and as promised, here's a picture of my secret bits for you to enjoy! x3

Posted by s3cr3tlyR3AD1N_