Nickname: Vio

Age: 22

Height: 5 ft 3 inches

Weight: 9 st 2.5 lb

Welcome to my profile, I'm Vio. I'm the guitarist in the band Arctic Foxes. I like to dabble into satanism in my free time, I design websites for Peta and design the t-shirts for my band.

Join Date: July 2013

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You know I can see everything you type about me... -_-


Wanna rub this old sheep sometime cutie?


Status Update - 19th April 2022

Me and my band just released this sick new album, Arctic Foxes - Snow Way Home. Buy it now on !!!

Status Update - 16th March 2022

I wish I still had my tentacle tattoos, but they were only temporary ones for a concert back in 2019.

Status Update - 15th February 2022

Head stings less this year, probably got less drunk than last year.

Status Update - 14th February 2022

I wish I had more dildos, but I broke most of them last year while I was piss drunk... Here's a pic of my pussy cause' I know you like it...

Status Update - 25th December 2021

My family forced me to stay with them for Xmas, I hope I can return home soon and they don't find out that I'm into Satanism.

Status Update - 12th August 2021

I may seem like a bad girl, but I would never smoke or do drugs, even if people were offering them up.

Status Update - 8th April 2021

Visited the tattoo parlour and got this really sick pentagram tattoo on my waist. :P

Status Update - 16th February 2021

Recently found Satanism, I might start practicing it since it seems extremely cool. Just don't tell my parents! ;3

Status Update - 15th February 2021

Fuck me, my head stings even more this year than the last...

Status Update - 14th February 2021

Hehehe, I grabbed the bucket again for happy accidents which I've already made several... I'm just gonna rub myself and squirt in the piss bucket multiple times... I squirted in the piss bucket multiple times... Why does my carpet still smell like pee after two years... It's weird... I think I'm starting my period...

Status Update - 31st October 2020

It's Halloween and I still don't have the bass player's peen.

Status Update - 16th July 2020

Happy birthday to me, my carpet still smells like pee, the bass player has a big willy, and I want to suck and say yippee!

Status Update - 14th May 2020

Me and my band just released a new album, Arctic Foxes - At Water's Edge. Buy it now on !!!

Status Update - 15th February 2020

I can't remember what happened last night, but there's a massive bucket in my room which looks like it's full of piss and vomit and there's a dildo inside me. My head stings even more this year.

Status Update - 14th February 2020

Hehe, I got the ice dildo stuck in my kitty and can't get it out... It's making me want to fuck something so badly... I got a bucket this time so I don't piss on the carpet, it's already half full though so I dunno how long I can keep this up... I vomited in my piss bucket... Boys cocks are weird and don't get hard all the time...

Status Update - 1st August 2019

Just got around to trying out this dildo a rando sent me on my birthday, because I've been super busy with my band lately. I rate this dildo a 5/10, it's just your typical dog shaped dildo with no ribbing at all. Another thing I want to mention before I post this; I think I'm getting a crush on the bass player in my band, he's pretty damn hot. <3

Status Update - 16th July 2019

Some rando just dropped off a package and inside there was an ice coloured dildo. Can people not send me sex toys, it's weird.

Status Update - 3rd June 2019

Just went to the tattoo parlour and got this sick tentacle tattoo that looks like it's coming out of my pussy. Here's a pic ;)

Status Update - 15th February 2019

Fuck, my head... My bedroom smells like piss and cum... I guess this is how boys bedrooms smell...

Status Update - 14th February 2019

Hehe, I'm so fucking drunk I pissed on my bedroom carpet. Being single is the best, dating is overrated and masturbation is better when you're piss drunk!!! I've squirted several times in the last two minutes hehehe

Status Update - 16th July 2018

I finally reached my 18th birthday, I thought I would never make it considering the shit I've been through. I'm so thankful to all the people who helped me through the tough years! x3

Status Update - 10th October 2017

My band's album just got #1 on the album charts, I'm so happy as I poured my heart and soul into it! :D

Status Update - 25th July 2017

Me and my band just released our debut album, Arctic Foxes - On Ice. You can buy it on !!!

Status Update - 15th January 2017

I don't want to date anyone ever again, boys are just assholes... ;-;

Status Update - 10th January 2017

I can't believe he dumped me, he gave me good sex too... I feel so ashamed at myself, I just want to die... ;-;

Status Update - 31st October 2016

The cute boy I'm dating just fucked me for the first time and it felt so good! I think he came in me???

Status Update - 3rd July 2016

Sorry I haven't updated my page for a while, but I've been busy with irl stuff. This cute boy from my band asked me out after finding out I was rubbing myself over him. He's a real cutie and I hope we can be together forever! x3

Status Update - 26th April 2016

Shit, shit, shit. My band members caught me masturbating over pictures of them shirtless, my life is over... ;-;

Status Update - 23rd August 2015

Now part of this sick new band called Arctic Foxes. The only issue is that all the band members except me are boys.

Status Update - 29th July 2013

Thinking about starting a band, dunno if I should or shouldn't. I've got some friends who might be interested.